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  • Kyle Brandon Lee

Metaphorical Mountains

On occasion, I get a perplexed look when I offer up my business card or web address to people. They don’t necessarily see the connection between myself and mountains, so at least it is working in terms of getting one’s attention. Aside from being a rather tall individual, my love for mountains does not involve climbing to any kind of summit. Metaphorical mountains are more my thing.

The first piece I’ve ever had published was a short story titled “Hills Dreaming Themselves Mountains”. I’ve always been proud of this story and as I’ve said in previous posts here on this blog, this was my honors thesis at the University of Texas at Dallas. I bring it up again, not only to celebrate my story, but to celebrate the market that look that first leap with me as a writer. Mirror Dance magazine accepted “Mountains” for publication about this time six years ago and will always hold a special place for me. They recently ended a year long hiatus to return to publication and I wanted to show them some love, such as it is. If you’re seeking out a fantasy magazine to look through, I’d highly recommend you start there.

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