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  • Kyle Brandon Lee

Red Orphan

The fine folks over at The Chamber Magazine have published my story "Red Orphan" today and to say I'm giddy is an understatement. One, I love this story and consider it to be one of my best (thus far). Two, its been locked up for well over a year at another online magazine that gave me the expectation that they would publish it. Obviously, with much disappointment and frustration, they did not meet that expectation.

So, when The Chamber accepted my publication within 24 hours of my submission, I started bouncing off the walls. Or, as much as a guy built like a NFL offensive lineman can bounce. Wrecking ball may be more appropriate?

I love this story (as I've said) and it is one of two pieces directly influenced by a single paragraph of Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the Sower. There's a bit of commentary about the state of the American space program buried in there and yes, it even leans a bit political. But no real politicians were harmed in the writing or publication of the story. I presume they wouldn't care if they figured out who I was basing the senator on. I presume they wouldn't bother to read it. That is their choice and I won't fault them that.

But its their loss, too. I think its a damn good read.

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