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Sun Tiger

I've always loved super heroes and comics. I distinctly remember my first comic (Transformers #3) and the oddity of Megatron tangling with Spider-Man on the cover. As one does with their love of heroes and comics, I created my own universe of super powered characters. Some of them have more depth and value than others but at some point, I do intend for them to see the light of day in one medium or the other. It is what heroes do.

The new Tales from Mistland & Other Oddities anthology released on Christmas Day for Kindle. Inside, among other stories and poems from assorted talented authors, you will find a story of mine titled "Sun Tiger." While the Sun Tiger is not one of my old creations, she is a new character made specifically for this collection. I rather enjoying her evolution and I know of a person or two who is anxious for more stories featuring her. I don't know if I'm there yet, but someday.

If you are a fan of super heroes and modern fantasy, please consider giving the collection a try.

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