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  • Kyle Brandon Lee

Tyrannosaurus Marx

This one goes out to that sixth grader who loves communism and dinosaurs. My hope is that he continues to think the Australian red foxbat is cute and that he finds someone who is passionate about something just as much as he is. The people you meet with their characteristics that stand out, they make life interesting. For a lack of a thesis this week, this is what I'm going with. The post made a week and a half ago took quite a bit out of me, both in the writing and the aftermath. The catharsis was needed but I didn't realize how exhausted I'd be mentally after posting. The great weight came off and I could take a breath. I am no Atlas, and I did not bear the weight of the heavens but everyone's own burden is important. I would like to take a moment to thank those who gave feedback or reached out with their support and kind words. There are many who read it and found it helpful in some fashion, be it in understanding of myself or themselves. If you could identity with any part of it, then I hope you now know your labors aren’t all just yours I know the idea of Labor Day is based on something entirely different but let me think taking Labor Day off from posting as a justified act. Besides, you got some fun museum pictures on my Instagram feed. Admittedly, there was a bit of mindless mental wandering in the time after. Drifting in space without a celestial body to focus on. But I came across something on Friday. I've been doing some substitute teaching here and there. It's a mixed bag but when you meet a seemingly nihilistic sixth grader, you take notice. And then, when he shows you his love for communism and thunder lizards, it shakes you a bit. It prompts you to ask questions. It sparks the imagination. It inspires a new labor. One to create. Or wonder how a T- Rex's tiny little arms would help to bring up the proletariat from under their oppressors. Come for comrade triceratops. Stay for red star velociraptors. Actually, run from the read star velociraptors. Always run. They know how to open doors. ---

The image and character of Devil Dinosaur are copyright Marvel Comics. I use it here because dinos in smoking jackets are always fashionable.

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